I write and produce music for artists and for ads.

I’m a multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, producer, and performer, working out of a studio in Manhattan.

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The “Melt” EP by Garth is out now on all streaming platforms. I produced and co-wrote these songs with Garth and his team of incredibly talented and wonderful people who helped bring this project to life. Check out the video for the title track here.

Work Samples


“Too Late For Crying” was produced and written by me, featuring Santina on vocals.


“My Love” was written and produced by me, featuring Schadrack Pierre on vocals.


“New Fool” was written, produced and performed by Matt Bernstein and me.


“Can’t See It” and “The Crown” were written and produced by me, and created for sync. “Can’t See It” mixed by me, “The Crown” mixed by Andrew Oedel at Ghost Hit Recording.

Sync - Indie/Rock

Sync - Hip Hop



“Imperfect” was written and produced by me, released on FOCUS in 2018.

Live R&B

“Waiting” was written by me and produced by Yaron Fuchs, performed and co-produced by “The Rooks,” and released on Bend in 2018.


FOCUS was my debut artist project, released in February 2018. This project is about our relationship with the past - how we remember the people and places that we love. Stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, or Bandcamp


1. Stranger

2. Mistakes

3. Not This Time

4. Since You Left

5. Imperfect

6. Rebels

7. I Would Be Yours

8. Crane (Feat. Garth.)

9. Rest

10. For a Day



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